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In Fake Guru, Real Vice you are a terrible person who has it all. A beachside villa in Southern California? Sure. A private ski lodge in the French Alps? Of course. A vintage sports car collection? Yes.

How did you get all this? A best-selling but nonsensical self help book. Exploitative motivational seminars. Fad diet programs with unhealthy results. Shoddy fitness product infomercials on late night cable. Televangelism so lucrative you have multiple private jets. You decide. Take a moment to decide how you made your millions. Feel free to base it on a real person.

Problem is, the vice, secrets and dirty tricks you’ve left in your wake are catching up with you. You made your money from telling other people how to live their lives, but your own private life is a catalogue of vice and base morals.

Recently, a national gossip rag of the lowest order ran a story suggesting they have unearthed a trove of dirt on you, and will reveal it in the near future. Publicly, you laugh it off. Your PR team states the allegations are as baseless as they are scandalous. Threats of lawsuits get waved around by both sides.

 Privately, you think “they can’t know, can they?”.

You play to learn what they do know, and whether you can redeem yourself in the face of it. If you succeed, you might come out of the other side a better person, unburdened of their past misdeeds. If you fail, your career and finances will be ruined, and you may even spiral downwards deeper into vice.


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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A great introduction to Wretched & Alone. But it lacks a little bit of an introduction : examples/tables to generate that Guru and who/what they are. Also, some prompts are too much precise, and are difficult to turn around depending on what you already put in the fiction.

Anyway, had a great time seeing this failure.