Have You Heard About the Beast? v1.1

Time for an update!

in the process of putting together Beast I learned a LOT about Affinity Publisher, and it became fairly clear after I put the initial PDF out there were some things that inconsistent.

Community copies are live. Everyone who pays for the game will create 2 community copies, so a big thanks to everyone who has done that so far. I'll be updating to make some more available. I'll also be doing some promo to create more CCs over on Twitter (@iammattsanders)

I've also pushed out a quick update with the following changes:

- more consistent blacks (these are a flat K black, if anyone prints this out, I'd love to know how it looks)

- new tables style (not only was I not happy with the last one, it had a literal mistake in it)

- some minor text issues

I am going to publish a 2.0 update for this game in a few weeks. It'll have some revised content, and have been through the loving hands of an editor. Once that's done I might look at print copies (pandemic issues might affect that).


Have You Heard About the Beast 1.1.pdf 2 MB
Apr 16, 2020

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Is there an Affinity Publisher tutorial that you'd recommend?


I've been using the official stuff from their site mostly. It's a little dry, but they cover the features pretty well. 

I would say if you're starting from zero, spend some time on Master Pages and Styles, then think about what else you need to focus on. 

I spent some time at the start getting that stuff set up, and I'm glad I did. I wish I'd done more. For instance I set up the colour swatches for all the repeated colours today, and it saved me time today I'd been wasting previously. 

I have a list of things I need to learn that is growing, not shrinking. Each time I learn something it reveals my ignorance of a ton more. 

Happy to answer more Qs if you have them. 

Oh, and get up to speed on RGB vs CMYK if you're not already. 

Thank you so much. I'll ask more as I delve in.